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the ep!c system

engagement - productivity - !nnovation - creativity

ep!c’s mission is to help individuals, teams and their leaders to master creativity and innovation to make work and the world better

More than the sum of it’s parts, the ep!c system recognises that “to truly create a thriving culture of creativity and innovation, a systemic, multilevel approach is required whereby individuals, teams, leaders and the organisational processes and procedures are aligned”


To achieve this we use the science of creativity and innovation to:

-Help people to understand their creative processes and effective tools for better brainstorming

-Help teams to work together better, to solve problems and to make the most of everyday opportunities 

-Help leaders boost engagement and motivation through the creation of a thriving climate and culture with aligned systems and processes

-Equip trainers and consultants with ep!c tools and processes to make a difference wherever they go


Creative cultures drive engagement, and engagement drives creative cultures. Engaged people are more committed, contribute more, and are more productive. When you get the cycle right, the impact becomes continual and contagious.


Improved engagement, creativity and innovation naturally make for a productive organisation that achieves more, quicker and better. Harnessing new ideas across your organisation leads to improved productivity in your business model and value propositions.


Innovation is a core capacity at the heart of any organisation. Innovation isn’t just about new product development - it’s about combining creativity and engagement, turning ideas into value and bringing benefit throughout your business.


Creativity is a skill that can be identified, nurtured and developed. The ep!c system brings together the science of creativity and innovation to create more productive and engaged people, teams, organisations and leaders.


It’s good to tell you about what we do – but it’s better when our clients tell you about the impact that it’s had within their businesses:

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