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creating ep!c teams

ep!c teams deliver short, medium and long term success

We equip teams that can consistently deliver ep!c results, whether it’s new revenue streams, improved profitability or simply saving time. We’ll take you through the process of facilitating creative sessions using our awesome tools and techniques to get even more from your people. People love to create ideas, and more importantly to see the value their ideas have generated.

ep!c facilitator training

We’ll introduce your facilitators to our ep!c toolkit and ensure they are fully equipped to use each tool to maximum effect. We provide ongoing support to help you develop to your full potential.

maximising impact & engagement

Great facilitators get the best from every person in their team, understanding each of their key strengths. We make sure that your facilitators are able to maximise the impact, engagement and enjoyment for every team member.

access ep!c resources

Our creativity and innovation tools are constantly updated as we continually research and develop new ways to help you be ep!c. Your facilitators will have access to an incredible range of resources to improve their team's impact.

Client Feedback

It’s good to tell you about what we do – but it’s better when our clients tell you about the impact that it’s had within their businesses:

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