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ep!c training

When you encourage, train and allow your people to be more creative, two big things happen:

Firstly, they develop more great ideas – they become more innovative.

Secondly, they feel a greater level of engagement within, and hence commitment to, the business.

When you have committed, engaged, innovative people then one huge thing happens – productivity improves as everyone is driving to make things better.


Whether you need more creative people or leaders to drive innovative cultures, we can help. We offer solutions from 3 hours to 3 days to help your people, teams and leaders become ep!c

Creating ep!c people

making everyone matter

The most successful innovation journeys start by learning about yourself. ep!c people know how to find opportunities, generate solutions and make a difference. They continually improve your organisation by presenting you with opportunities rather than challenges.

Creating ep!c teams

maximising collaboration

Great teams work well together. They know, capitalise and support their own and their colleague's strengths and weaknesses. ep!c team training offers your people the opportunity to master powerful design-thinking and creativity techniques, creating some leading edge ideas

Creating ep!c leaders

creating a winning culture

The best people and teams are always backed by a culture which supports creativity and innovation. Through workshops, exercises and case studies, your leaders will learn practices and processes to create a winning culture of improvement through innovation.

Client Feedback

It’s good to tell you about what we do – but it’s better when our clients tell you about the impact that it’s had within their businesses:

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